Fluidsim_ocean documentation


Our repositories in Bitbucket.org will soon be deleted! Our new home: https://foss.heptapod.net/fluiddyn (more details).

The Python package Fluidsim_ocean will provide solvers useful for studying the oceanic dynamics implemented using the CFD framework fluidsim.

A general presentation of the equations and the solvers can be found here:

For the equations for the particular solvers, have a look at the documentation of the solvers in the Modules Reference below.

Fluidsim is a framework for studying fluid dynamics with numerical simulations using Python. It is part of the wider project FluidDyn.


For simple setup, pip install fluidsim_ocean will work.

If you care about performance, first install fluidsim and then, get the source code of fluidsim_ocean from Heptapod and install with:

python setup.py develop

Modules Reference


Shallow water 2 layers (fluidsim_ocean.sw2l)


Shallow water time stepper (fluidsim_ocean.time_stepping)

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